Ways Your Smart Home Will Save Energy

Modern society has everything at their fingertips so why not their household activities. Smart homes are a rising concept that integrates household chores, control over appliances, ensures the safety and everything related to a home, to ensure the owners get the best experience at their homes. Smart homes are a great way to save on your home’s utility bill. Here is how.

Remotely Manage Your Home Devices

As mentioned before, the modern world has everything at their fingertips, and smart homes have made it possible to have the control of your home appliances too at your fingertips. If you left the air conditioner or water heater when you left home for the office, you can simply turn them off through your smart phone. The app will also send you notifications if you left them on unknowingly, you can switch them off. Also, it gives you the option to set timers on the operation of the appliances. For example, if you turn on your hot water before you step into the shower, the whole time you’ll be in the shower, the heater will be on. However, if you set a timer beforehand for the heater to be activated for 10 minutes, it will do so, so that you can step into a hot shower as soon as you wake up.

Adjust To Temperature

Smart homes will sense the temperature outside and adjust in-house temperature accordingly. Also, , it will detect any windows or doors that haven’t been closed properly and automatically reduce cooling during hot weather so that your air conditioner will not cool the entire neighbourhood. Air conditioners are programmed to intensify the cooling when met with extreme hot conditions so when the window is open and the hot air flows in, traditional air conditioners will by default increase the cooling. With smart homes, this is avoided so that you save on energy. Installing solar systems will be a great energy saver. Of course the solar battery price is high at the beginning, but the saving is immense.

No More Standby Devices

Standby devices are a nightmare for enery conserving. Most electrical equipment eats up 75% of their energy consumption when they switched off or when left on standby. Smart homes avoid this problem. They will automatically disconnect appliances from power sources so that no wastage happens. this is don’t by smart power strips that have control over the power supply to the appliances. You can even set schedules to them; for example, switch them all off at night.

Automated Lighting

Motion sensors are the best way to save energy on lighting. Most of you might leave an unnecessary light on for a few hours and completely forget about it. These can happen quite often, especially during summers where daylight stretches well into the afternoon and the porch light you left switched on last night might slip your mind, so smart homes are here to the rescue. They will sense your presence in a room and switch the lights on and automatically switch them off when you leave the room. They can also regulate the brightness as per your requirements so you’ll not have to use extremely bright and energy consuming lights at all times.

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