Purchasing Resin – 5 Things to Know Before

Thinking of buying resin? Know that there are several things to consider before purchasing the product. Below, all of them are discussed. Why don’t you read ahead?

Shelf Life

Different resin mixes last for different times. You might need a mix that would be able to last long. Check the product description to make sure it can be around for however long you need.

Shelf life would also be influenced by the environment you’ll be placing the resin in. Hopefully, you’re capable of housing an appropriate setting that wouldn’t cause the mixture to degrade. This would usually be spaces that aren’t too bright or hot.

Usually, epoxies would last for 12 months. Meanwhile, polyesters would have shelf lives of 6 months.

Curing Time

Each resin mix would have a different amount of chemicals and ingredients. That’s why they each would have different curing times. If you’re going to be working on very intricate projects, you’d want resin that would take long to cure. You would be able to play around and make changes for longer.

If you’re a newbie, you should probably avoid options that cure fast. The mixture would set before you’d be able to use it for what you want.

Skill Level

Let’s talk about how skilled you are again. Some mixes are more complicated to proportion and measure. Stay away from these options, as if you mess the measuring process up, your cast might become too watery.

The internet is your friend. Check reviews for what others have said. You’d know if the product you’re interested would be fit for your skill level or not.

Will It Work?

The mix you’re interested in may not be able to achieve what you want; it could be an option that’s made for jewellery instead of art. There are many resin mixes for art, which is why you should speak to the retailer and find out whether the item would be able to do what you want.

Not only would some mixtures work better than others, but some may completely not be able to do what you want. By doing some digging, you’d learn that polyurethane resins cannot handle the most pigment.

If you’re interested in Resin supplies Australia thankfully has many specialized shops that you can work with.


As resin is a mixture of many chemicals, you need to know how safe what you’re using would be. The package should come with a safety certification – this would mean that it was reviewed by a toxicologist and won’t do any harm. Depending on your government, the certification would vary. In the United States, an ASTM D-4236 certificate is needed for resin that is being sold for art.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap everything up. When it comes to purchasing resin, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. The most important would be how safe the package you’re buying is – it should be certified. And the resin should be able to do what you want.


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