How to Choose A Gift for Kids?

Buying present for kids are never easy whether for your kids or kids of your friends and family. There are so many things to consider when buying a gift for a kid such as the quality of the toy and the safety, age, and also the budget. It is important to teach the kids to be modest and appreciate the things they get. It’s always nice to see children have that look of sheer joy and excitement every time they open a gift. So here are some tips to help you choose the right gifts for kids.

You Don’t Have to Buy Expensive Gifts

Kids usually crave for bigger and expensive toys. However, teach them to value every toy they receive regardless of their prices. The best toys are always not the most expensive ones. The most ideal toys are those that are enabling kids to learn through play.

If you always give them expensive gifts, they will always expect expensive gifts. They will be easily disappointed with toys that are less expensive from what they normally get. Try to give simple yet elegant gifts and make them understand to be more grateful and happy with what they have.

Consider the Age

It is important to choose toys that are right for their stage of development. Kids love toys which they can master. There are some suggestions for kids as they go through different stages. For kids whose age is less than six months, toys such as rattles, bright coloured toys attached to the crib that rotate above the baby with soft lullaby music or interactive play rugs.  Toy mobiles, floating toys for the bath tub, small trains, cars, soft dolls and stuffed toys or illustrated books made of cloth are ideal for kids between six to twelve months.

One to three-year kids are suggested to play with push or pull toys, building blocks, puzzles, illustrated books, kitchen sets, balls, sandbox toys, musical instruments, tricycles, etc. It is best to give books, crayons, colouring books, bike, drawing and painting sets, board games for kids of age between three to five years. You can make or buy gift packaging online to make the kids feel happy and excited the first time they see their gifts.


Make sure you don’t reply on certain expensive brands when buying toys because there is still no guarantee that such toys are safe. You must avoid toys with small parts of your kid is at the stage of putting everything in the mouth to prevent choking hazards. Check to see if smaller parts like eyes and buttons are firmly attached to the toy and sharp edges that could injure your kids. If there are strings, those should be shorter than 300mm to avoid strangulation. The safest toys are those that are made of natural material.

Research a bit deeper into these tips when you are going to buy a gift for a kid. The more informed you are, the less anxious you’ll feel.


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