Casual Gift Ideas for An Office Mate on The Occasion of a Birthday or When Playing Their Secret Santa

Buying a casual gift for a co-worker can be a little confusing; especially if you try looking for suggestions online and you come up with hundreds of suggestions and ideas. Which is why we tried to keep our list as simple as possible! Here are 10 fail proof ideas…for almost any kind of co-worker…!

A Funny Mug To Brighten Their Morning Coffee

Every desk worker is a coffee addict; so why not make drinking coffee something they look forwards to? You have choice of making it custom made, or simply ordering one off the shelf. Make sure it’s an extra-large mug if they’re truly addicted!

A Picture Frame For Their Desk

If you want to keep things ultra-casual, a picture frame makes the perfect gift. If you already have a picture printed out (perhaps a fun picture of the team), or you decide not to include a picture, you can always pick a frame up from a picture frame shop, making it an ideal last minute gift.

A Keychain Hand Sanitizer Spray

Keeping the world’s current situation in mind, gifting a fancy sanitizer can be a great gift option. To make it more mobile, get a refillable spray keychain, so they’ll always have it on their person. 

A 3 Month Subscription For Something That Interests Them

If your office mate is very vocal about their hobbies and interests, your task of gift giving will be quite simple. Consider gifting them a 3-month subscription catering to one of their interests; be that it’s craft, makeup or food.

A Gift Voucher To A Local (High End) Restaurant

If your co-worker enjoys food, then a gift voucher to a fancy restaurant will make their day!But if that is a little beyond your budget, then even food vouchers from fast food joints will still be appreciated; especially on the days they’re too tired to cook.

A Desk Clips For Organizing Wires

If your office mate is quite messy, or even simply very tech oriented, then without a doubt, their desk may be littered with wires. A set of desk clips, though pretty inexpensive, can actually be a great gift to help them stay organized.

A Bluetooth Key Tracker

If your office mate is a tad forgetful, searching for their keys every morning may be what delays them for work daily. Help them get over this hurdle; a Bluetooth key tracker not only helps them find their keys; it’ll also help them start their day better…!

An Extra-Long Charging Cable

Tired of your co-worker borrowing your charger every day? Put a stop to it…without being rude! Gift them an extra-long charging cable for their desk. If it’s a fast charger, make sure their phone supports it. 

Accessories Or Toys For Their Beloved Pet

There’s always at least 1 co-worker who is slightly obsessed with their pets¾and anything you get for their pet could make a great gift for them. From accessories to toys, you have plenty to choose from. Not sure they’ll like what you get? Simple opt for a gift voucher from your local pet accessory store…

A Stylish Bike Lock

If your office mate loves the convenience of riding his/her bike to work, then it’s probably because your office has a safe parking space. However, not every other space they ride to will be this safe. A stylish bike lock will make riding to those places a little easier on their minds.

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